Small business owners and managers are required to wear many hats. In a single day, an entrepreneur can be a marketing executive, an HR manager, an accounting clerk, and a customer service representative. Captain Clock helps you more effectively manage your employees’ time, but we like to think all your challenges are our challenges as well. That’s why we created and will continue to build on these small business resources. Our goal? To help our customers get fast answers to difficult business questions. To help you more effectively manage and grow your business. To help you succeed.

Business and Payroll Calculators

Explore our directory of free business and payroll calculators to help you calculate an employee’s take-home pay, compare benefit options, determine withholding on bonuses, and more.

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Sample Business Contracts

Ever wondered what you should put in an employment agreement? Need help drafting a services or consulting agreement? Check out our free directory of sample business contracts.

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