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Easy, no-stress employee time tracking.

Captain Clock eliminates the hassle of keeping employee hours, and reduces the time you spend on payroll by 80% or more. You can set up timesheets in seconds. No training, no learning curve.

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Clock in and out with the click of a button.

Employees and contractors clock in and out with the simple click of a button. All time is accounted for precisely. Avoid miscalculations, guestimates and overestimates. Save money and time.

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Access timesheets from anywhere.

Access your timesheets at home, office, or out and about. Same goes for employees and contractors. They can clock in on their cell phones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers. (Clock in locations are tracked.)

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Easy setup, no learning curve.

Did we mention this was easy? It is. Set up a new employee and schedule in seconds. Login details are emailed quickly to your employee, and you’re both off and running. No thinking or guessing. No learning curve.

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