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Get instant insight into employee productivity.

Get full visibility in what your employees are doing, instantly. Each time you log in, you’ll see a simple, intuitive dashboard that gives you a snapshot of hours scheduled vs. logged, pending time-off requests, and late logins.

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Set up employee schedules quickly.

No complicated scheduling. Captain Clock allows you set up employee schedules in minutes, not hours. Cut the time it takes to produce employee schedules by over 80%.

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Assign employee tasks and send messages.

You don’t need a complicated project management suite to effectively manage your people and keep them productive. Set up tasks and send messages along with schedules, and watch the work get done.

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Manage and approve time-off requests.

Don’t rely on a shared calendar for time-off requests. That eats up time needlessly, and can be difficult to update. Rely on Captain Clock, where you can easily receive, edit, approve, and track time-off. No extra work.

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